Jedi’s Journal – Edition 4 – October 2019

Edition 4 - October 2019 - Jedi's JournalHi folks, welcome to the latest edition of Jedi’s Journal. This one will be a tad different to previous editions, but should not be any longer – so bear with me!

A Note to SWTOR Folks

I am very aware that some major interface updates, along with systems changes in SWTOR, mean some older posts are no longer fully accurate. Onslaught brought in more than just fab new planets and storytelling. In terms of SWTOR content, this will be my priority over creating new posts. But please see the important health update below.

New and Updated Content

Due to a mess-up with my meds, very little has happened during October. Thanks to those who have encouraged and supported me – along with telling me that not making stuff is fine!

  1. SWTOR: (New) How to Make the Most of the SWTOR Character Panel: This is an overview post, linking to my specific guides on individual features. This will be updated soon(ish) since the UI updates that came bundled with Onslaught.
  2. LOTRO: (Update) LOTRO Fall Festival Guide: As usual for LOTRO Events, I updated my guide with the latest mounts, cosmetics outfits and the new Badger pet. I also added a new feature showing all the latest goodies. This is functional, but it needs a little tweaking. (Not twerking which is what I nearly typed).

Health Update

Okay this is where things suck. My pain has been out of control for at least a month and close to two months. Before, I have just pushed through pain and made stuff anyway. But it finally wore me down and I’ve lost two weeks of productivity. This is likely to continue for a bit. Here’s the back story, and I’ll try to do an update to it next week.

Impact on Content

From Sunday I am gradually switching my strongest meds. The last 7-10 days has been reducing one which is not compatible with my new meds. It’s going to take at least a week to make the next switch. And I don’t know what the change will do for me, at all. So:

  • November’s main focus will be my own fantasy novel, along with some LOTRO FanFiction and SWTOR FanFiction. This is to allow me time to adjust to the new meds and hopefully to slowly get back to full capacity for ‘normal’ posts.
  • If I feel up to it I will go back over all older SWTOR Guides and see what may need updating so they fit with everything released with Onslaught.

However, soon I will have a guest post from @rebelrealcanon on Twi’lek and Nautolan skin colours right cross-faction!

How to Support

If you feel you want to support what I do here, then there are a few ways. But, honestly, even you reading and sharing my content is really, really appreciated. So thank you!
Ways You Can Support

TL;DR – Difficult Month but I’m Massively Appreciative

Frankly, from a pain perspective October has been horrible and distressing. However, I’m blessed to have had so many comforts and encouragements from loads of people. I’m really grateful for that. Content will come when it comes and I’ll be on Twitter when I feel up to it. There’s going to be weeks of repair from the physical and mental damage I’ve had over the last couple of months. But knowing I never go through this alone is a huge encouragement to me.

May the Spoons Be With You.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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