Jedi’s Journal – Edition 3, September 2019

Edition 3 of Jedi's Journal - September 2019Welcome to Edition 3 of Jedi’s Journal, the September 2019 edition! This month has been a bit quieter than normal, due mostly to being away for ten days. We took time to go stay with my Dad and visit Mum in her nursing home. This helped wifey and I to support Dad, while also giving NJ time with her other Grandad – and him with NJ – his third Granddaughter. (My sister has two daughters and a son). So there was that. But also productivity has been hit due to my Fibromyalgia, but please see the “health update” section below.


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Health Update

A Dwarf in Moria (LOTRO) says the Pain is too Great
About a month ago we began an experiment on the advice of my doctor. This was to see if increasing my Amitriptyline drastically could reduce my felt pain. Over 4 weeks we ended up nearly quadrupling the dose. Sadly, at the moment, I am still in distressing pain levels nearly every day. However, the doctor told me this week that it can take a further 2-3 weeks to build up the level in my system. So I have to wait a few weeks before discussing a complete change of medication. Not fun.

Energy Crash

On top of that I’ve been having energy crashes most days, possibly due to pain and definitely exacerbated by a bug we’ve had. So even if I could have been productive with pain, I’ve not had the energy to on many occasions.

LOTRO Blog Posts

Myrlas using a crafted fishing rod during a LOTRO Event
For various reasons my LOTRO stuff was limited this month. This will be counteracted by a fairly large new one in October, along with Fall Festival updates.

  • NEW: How to Fish in LOTRO: As Farmer’s Faire and Summer Festival both include fishing, I figured a quick beginners guide would be handy.
  • NEW: 24 Positive Life Lessons from Gaming: this is a cross-game post, which includes examples from LOTRO, SWTOR and FFXIV. Don’t worry I won’t repeat this in the SWTOR section below! I got annoyed at most news stories about gaming being negative, so I decided to turn it on its head. Sometimes us gamers have to speak out!
  • Updated: LOTRO Summer Festival Guide: As Summer Fest had an Encore that started in September, I amended the Encore dates and made a few minor updates too.

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SWTOR Blog Posts

My Force-Balanced Jedi Shadow on Star Forge, in SWTOR
In September, I only managed one big piece of SWTOR-only content. But that’s because I had done a Fibromyalgia post (which is rare) and a cross-game post. I am trying, though not always successfully, not to increase my production volume. And as I was away for a whole week, that hit my content too. That said, I am particularly pleased about this post:

  • NEW: Force Alignment in SWTOR: What is it and how do you affect it? This is the final piece of the character panel I had not written about. I will be doing a summary of all the Character Panel items, which will mop up bits too small for their own post. This will be completed sometime in October.

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Fibromyalgia & Health Blog Posts

My Lalafell Thinking - As I have to each day - do I blog or not?

  • NEW: What’s a Day with Fibromyalgia Like?: I take you though a ‘normal’ day so you can see my journey. And my hour-by-hour struggle with pain. It was a low-intensity post, but one I thought would be interesting to people who don’t have Fibro – or don’t know someone else with it.
  • NEW: I Will Respawn: My Decision to Stop Streaming: Due to my worsening Fibromyalgia symptoms, I have had to decide to stop streaming for now. I haven’t streamed for months anyway, but I needed to formalise it. Here’s my reasons why I had to make that decision – and what else I will be doing instead.

See Fibromyalgia Blog Posts


I have not added anything new to my YouTube Channel this month. However I have recorded a Fibromyalgia video and hope this week to upload it.

TL;DR – Thanks For Reading!

Thanks for reading FJ's Jedi's Journal
Now I’ve listed all of it, I have surprised myself about how much I achieved in September. I’d forgotten that I had done two non-guide type posts, which are much quicker to do. From a health and family perspective it has been an insanely difficult month. I am really struggling now, even more than last month. But I thank you all who bring positivity into my life, give me verbal (and sometimes financial) support and make sure I get rest. If not for your encouragement I’d find it really difficult to motivate myself to create anything. So I am very grateful.

May the Spoons Be With You.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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