Jedi’s Journal – Edition 2 – August 2019

Jedi's Journal Edition 2 - August 2019 - New and Updated Blog Posts OverviewWelcome to my second edition of The Jedi’s Journal, my monthly round-up of new and updated blog posts this month. August 2019 was pretty busy and I somehow managed to do a lot, while simultaneously really struggling with Fibromyalgia. At least this month I didn’t feel like I was doing “nothing”! I’ve also added a new section – a summary of what the heck is going on with FJ’s health. It won’t make for pleasant reading, but it’s important I’m transparent and honest with you all. As always, I’m grateful to you all for the outpouring of support and care I’ve received. I’m honoured to have such great friends who stand by me whether I make stuff or not. But fear not! I have made stuff. So let’s get to it.


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  2. LOTRO
  3. SWTOR
  4. Fibromyalgia & Health
  5. YouTube

Health Update

From August 2019, I thought I’d give a brief update on my health each month. Tweets are great, but can lack detail and I don’t always feel like blogging about chronic pain. So a little update each month bridges the two methods.

August has been, frankly, upsetting and distressing because of the level of pain I’m in. At one point I thought that if I didn’t wake up one day it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me (though of course that is untrue for friends and family). Before you all freak out, I wouldn’t action anything from that thought. But it does give you an idea how the pain has affected my depression symptoms.

My main doctor was on leave for most of August but I’ve finally been to see her with my wife. We’ve agreed a gradual increase of one of my nighttime meds over the next four weeks. We’ll review any effects and scale it back and increase/change something else if this experiment fails. I have struggled emotionally with the pain levels, though. So thank you all for your support, love and encouragement.

Okay, onto more positive things.

LOTRO Blog Posts

My FibroJedi Character fishing in LOTRO at the Farmer's Faire
August is a festival month in LOTRO and so a bunch of time went into that, but that was not the majority of my LOTRO blogging time by any stretch of the imagination.

  1. New: Explorer of the North Downs Deeds & Map: this deed post was completed to accompany the North Downs Slayer Deeds guide. Both these deeds can be completed at the same time, especially if you’re not doing all the quests in that region. I had already done a lot of work on the map, so it was just a case of finishing it and doing a write-up.
  2. New: Off to Market Outfit: Ahead of the Farmers Faire, I created a Hobbit outfit based around the theme of the Faire. This was later used as a basis for the Impulsive Shopper Outfit, which I made purely from Farmers Faire token rewards. The second one did not need much more work than the first, but by doing it this way it meant players of all levels could recreate it.
  3. Updated: LOTRO Farmers Faire Guide: added the new cosmetic outfits and pets for 2019. Other minor text updates done too.
  4. Updated: I updated any posts that referenced the old, specific Virtues as Deed rewards with the new Virtue XP. This makes it look like I did tons of work, but actually updating all these only took less than half an hour!
    1. Old Forest Exploration Deed
    2. Explorer of Ered Luin Deeds
    3. Shire Deeds Guide
    4. Ered Luin Slayer Deeds
    5. Bree-land Woodsman Deed (Huorns)

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SWTOR Blog Posts

My Highest Level Warrior looking around Imperial Fleet Ships in SWTOR
The first half of August was mostly taken up with playing and blogging about SWTOR. I took a suggestion from a Twitter follower for my next beginners guide. Thanks to people’s comments I have updates to do and other changes may be coming once Onslaught launches too!

  1. New: Imperial and Republic Fleet Guide & Maps: There are so many facilities, vendors and missions available on both Fleets! My aim with this guide was to show the vast majority of features on the Space Stations and adjoining Capital Ships. I will add to this guide in September, based on people’s feedback.
  2. New: SWTOR Security Key Set-Up with Authy: A Security Key in SWTOR is a way to protect your Star Wars: The Old Republic account. This free feature also grants 100 Cartel Coins every month for use in the Cartel Market. But you don’t necessarily have to have, or use, a portable device to take advantage of a Key. You can use other 2-Factor Authentication apps like Authy, so here’s how!
  3. New: How to Make Mara Jade in SWTOR: part SWTOR outfit, part role-playing! I wanted to use artwork from Expanded Universe (or Legends, depending on your “certain point of view”) to see if I could create a close replica of Mara Jade Skywalker. No doubt it could be improved, but I really enjoyed playing with this!
  4. Updated: As with LOTRO, these posts were updated, but mostly to link through to new content.
    1. SWTOR Free-to-Play Review: to link my new Security Key post.
    2. Beginners Guide to Gearing: to join it to my Fleet Guide mentioned above.

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Fibromyalgia & Health Blog Posts

Because I’ve been fighting high pain, while blogging I haven’t finished a new Fibromyalgia post this month. However I am in the planning stage for What’s a Day with Fibromyalgia Like?, which should be done sometime in September.
See Fibromyalgia Blog Posts


Basically in August, I have not been up to adding to my YouTube Channel. However from mid-September I hope to pick up recording my LOTRO Warden Series again. So please stay tuned.
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TL;DR – Thanks For Reading!

Phew. I got a lot done this month. September will be more tame, because I (along with wifey and NJ) will be visiting my parents in England. As my Mum is in a nursing home due to advanced Alzheimers Disease, we are going down for a week this time. This allows us to support Dad better and also to give him time with NJ as he can’t exactly visit us while Mum is in the nursing home. But I will still be making new content in September, so stay tuned.

May the Spoons Be With You.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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