Jedi’s Journal – Edition 1 – July 2019 Roundup

Jedi's Journal - Edition 1 - July 2019Welcome to my first monthly round-up of what FJ’s been working on! This is Edition #1 of what I’m going to call The Jedi’s Journal. Here I’ll list all the new and updated blog posts and guides from the month in case you missed it (ICYMI!). Despite the name, this will include LOTRO, SWTOR and Fibromyalgia blog posts where relevant so that both my main gaming communities can keep up to date. I will also find it helpful for showing myself that I have been productive despite my pain levels. So…let’s get to it!


  1. LOTRO
  2. SWTOR
  3. Fibromyalgia & Health
  4. YouTube

LOTRO Blog Posts

My LOTRO blog posts have been mixed, but does include a new addition to my LOTRO Outfits and a new guide.

  1. New: Hunter of Shadows, a LOTRO Hobbit Outfit: this is my fourth LOTRO Outfit and one I really enjoyed creating! I get such brain-ache making male character outfits in any game, so I was glad this one came out well.
  2. New: LOTRO North Downs Slayer Deed Map: as I had already started this many months ago and people have been looking for Slayer maps, I polished this off and wandered the North Downs for screenshots. I hope LOTRO players find this useful for those deeds!
  3. Update: LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Guide: the return of this event meant I checked it was still all accurate, along with tweaking the content slightly based on how people were looking for it. More substantial updates were:
    • Adding the Motes of Enchantment barter reward
    • Including details of a plugin for the event recommended by another player.

SWTOR Blog Posts

July 2019 has also been a busy month for my SWTOR blog posts. As with LOTRO, I’ve added to my SWTOR Outfits. But I’ve also worked hard on a new beginner’s guide as well as reporting some news for F2P players.

  1. New: SWTOR Combat Stats Guide: involving a ton of research and some number-crunching, I wanted to provide a one-stop shop for all combat stats. And I learned a bunch of stuff myself along the way too.
  2. New: Defender of the Free – SWTOR Jedi Shadow Outfit: My third outfit creation for SWTOR. I gave myself the challenge of making a heavy-armour look for Jedi Shadows. I had fun getting in-action screenshots on Dantooine and Tython!
  3. Update: SWTOR Free-to-Play Review: As Bioware announced exciting new changes to their F2P offering, I went back to my original Free-to-Play Review and updated it to make sure it was still accurate.
  4. Update: SWTOR F2P Changes: this originally spoke of things such as the increased credit balance the and extra quickbar. But recently Bioware announced that Free-to-Play accounts would also get two expansions at no charge! So that had to be added.

Fibromyalgia & Health Blog Posts

  1. Update: Fibromyalgia and Depression: I carried out an extra proof-read of this post, and linked it to my I Had a Black Dog Book Review. I aimed to make that review helpful for both people who have depression and those who know people who do.


Because of my Fibromyalgia pain increase I’m currently not streaming, or recording “Let’s Play” style videos. However, I did upload a couple of cutscene recordings to my YouTube Channel.

A Touching Parting Word by Candaith (LOTRO)

Republic Saboteur – Hearts and Minds (SWTOR)

TL;DR – Thanks For Reading!

And that’s July’s Jedi’s Journal all wrapped up! More is coming in August for both games and I also hope to continue with some FanFiction. Thanks to everyone for your support. July has been insanely difficult with nigh-on unbearable pain levels – no exaggeration. But I appreciate the friendship and care many of you have shown – and for reading and sharing my content too. May the Spoons Be With You!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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