What to Do in MMOs - Poll Closed
What Do You Prioritise In Your Online Game?

To anyone who’s known me for any number of years, you’ll know I’ve played three MMOs with any consistency – in this order: SWTOR, LOTRO and FFXIV. I’ve also trialled a few others just to get a taster of the many online games on the market these days. No matter what I’ve played, deciding what to do in MMOs has always been a challenge for me!

This is, no matter what the online game there are so many things you can spend your time doing! And because of their worldwide appeal, the reasons people play vary wildly; what one finds relaxing someone else may consider boring. What one player thinks is engaging, others see it as overly-difficult.

As someone who has a poor attention-span and is easily distracted, I found myself asking “what should I do?”. So I thought I’d throw open the question: How do you decide what to do in MMOs?

11th May: Poll is now closed. Thank you so much to those who responded! I will be doing a write-up post about this very soon!

Please Note: All data about your entries (mostly IP/Location to ward against duplicate votes), except for the votes cast, has now been permanently deleted from the database. No backup of your personal data was taken so no copy of it exists anymore. I am also about to remove all data and the plugin to ensure nothing else is in the database about this. Thank you for taking part!

Summary Results

Ahead of my post on this topic here’s the final graph of people’s votes. I asked people to vote for a maximum of five of the 18 options.

  • Number of Voters: 81
  • Votes Cast: 367
  • Votes/Voter: 4.5 (2DP)

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