Gigas Sozu
Hunting Rank 5 Target

FFXIV Gigas Sozu - Rank 5 Hunting Log Target

Do you pronounce it gy-gas or gee-gas? Whatever you call the Gigas Sozu and their other tribe members, the one you want is the healer, sporting a two-handed cane. They mostly just throw the Stone skill at you, so they’re not difficult to defeat. Just ignore their size and beautiful faces and you’ll be fine.

Finding a Gigas Sozu

So I only managed to find two – (approximately) X:28, Y:13 and X:30, Y:15. In one sense that’s good because Thaumaturges and Rogues only need two of these. But it’s bad if you’re waiting for respawn. If you find others, can you let me know so I can add more to the map? Thanks!

Involved in FATEs

It may be that a FATE is the easiest way for you to clear this Hunting Log 5 entry!

  • FFXIV Fate Among Giants
  • FFXIV Defence Fate One Giant Leap

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