A New Dawn for the Jedi

A New Dawn for the Jedi - Star Wars FanFiction (Cor-Jhan Arcturus)He didn’t know he had dozed off, but the next thing he knew, Zav-Yun was gently shaking him awake.

“Hey, Cor-Jhan. You need to get your stuff together, we’ll be shuttling down to the surface in a short while.”

The young boy rubbed his eyes and tried to look awake.

“Where are we, Master?”, he enquired

The armoured Twi’lek smiled gently.

“We’ve arrived at Tython, where your training can continue in safety.”

His mind still fuzzy with sleep he nodded and Zav-Yun stood and went to round up some of the other passengers. ‘Getting his stuff together’ didn’t take a lot. Just a quick change of clothes back into his blue hooded robe and re-affixing his lightsaber to his belt.

As he went to the restroom to wash his face, his mind kept being reminded of the smile that Sjani had given him. Complete strangers, yet somehow connected – either from the past, or in the future. He couldn’t work it out.

Bending over the washbasin, he allowed the cold, harsh water to flow over his face and through his hair, which was somewhat dishevelled. He ran is fingers through it, parting it around his horns. He looked at the dark-eyed figure in the mirror and suddenly realised how much of a toll the escape from Coruscant had taken on him.

A closed his eyes and felt the Force draw close to him. After a few moments, he pulled his hood over his head and made his way to the passenger shuttle. Pushing his way past some who would have to wait a few more days before they could disembark, he found a group going the same way as he was. Twi’leks, Zabraks, Humans, even the odd Cathar here and there. A group representing the New Dawn of the Jedi. He watched in mild awe at the assortment of species and age groups. There used to be an age over which you were ‘too old’ to become a Jedi. Not any more.

His attention was brought back into sudden focus by a Republic soldier over an amplified Comm:

“Those disembarking on Tython, please listen. You will soon be shuttling to the surface. You have been very patient. Firstly a word from Master Khalitha.”

There was a shuffling noise as the comm was passed over. A middle-aged Chiss woman stood up and looked over the group.

A red-skinned Padawan leaned into Cor-Jhan’s ear

“Not like we’ve had a choice. Patience and imprisonment are not really the same thing.”, he whispered

The boy turned and looked at the boy who addressed him.

“Know what you mean, but shouldn’t you be a little bit grateful?”, he questioned in a low tone.
“Depends how they treat us on the surface”, the pure-blood shrugged and shook his head, “The Republic should have known Coruscant would be attacked, but they didn’t. Doesn’t that disturb you?”
“I think the attack disturbed me more.”, Cor-Jhan retorted.

The pureblood slotted his Vibrosword behind his back and said no more. The Chiss Jedi at the front cleared her throat.

“Thank you Vahilez. Okay Knights, Padawans and Initiates please just let have your attention a few more minutes. We have had to land at a time where the least attention will be drawn to us. Once we reach the surface, you will be divided into three groups and assigned a Master. Please follow them through to the Jedi Temple in silence. It will be sunrise when we arrive, so please proceed quietly so as not to disturb the other Jedi. Thank you again, and welcome to Tython.”

She flicked the comm off and the Republic Captain lowered the shuttle door. The group shuffled forward until, crammed into a small space, they filled the shuttle. Cor-Jhan found himself pressed against a door on the opposite side. He turned away from the crowed and looked through the small window. Once the door had been closed, they felt the shuttle lurch forwards, headed for the planet’s surface.

In the group there were various mumblings. Some spoke of excitement of never having visited this remote world. Some talked of impatience and wanting to be out in the open rather than rammed into a flying ‘durasteel can’. Cor-Jhan could feel the discontent flowing from the pureblood who had spoken at him earlier, but tried to close his mind from it.

As the shuttle neared the surface, the view outside transformed from the blackness of the night sky, to dark blues. Trees and mountains appeared, silhouetted against a vibrant deep orange of the Tython sun. Feeling suddenly warmer, the boy loosened his robe and smiled. The chaos of Coruscant seemed a lifetime away and an oasis of peace seemed to beckon him.

Maybe this is a New Dawn for the Jedi. Maybe at least, we can rediscover peace.

His fingers toyed with the Lightsaber at his side. His former master’s Lightsaber. He knew that to be able to step into the future the Force had for him, he had to break with his past. As the shuttle landed delicately in a clearing, Cor-Jhan took a deep breath.

Time to find out who I am supposed to be., he thought.

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