Blades and Shadows – Talitha’koum FanFiction

Blades and Shadows - Talitha'koum - SWTOR FanFiction

Who did the Voice belong to and why was Zash’s Apprentice conversing with it? Still sat at the base of the pillar, her back turned to where the discussion was happening, Talitha wiped her clammy hands down the now-dusty robes Lord Vitae’s protocol droid had supplied her. Grasping her curved lightsaber hilt in her favoured […]

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Episodes 13-27 – Talitha’koum SWTOR FanFiction

Here are Episodes 13-27 of Talitha’koum’s story. Portable Device Users: on smaller screens, the excerpt text may get truncated. Simply tap the image to read the chapter. I will fix the height of each box at a future date when my pain is more manageable. [lptw_recentposts layout=”grid-medium” post_type=”post” link_target=”self” category_id=”8″ tags_id=”16″ tags_exclude=”true” fluid_images=”true” height=”340″ featured_height=”325″ […]

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SWTOR Andronikos Revel Reunion

SWTOR Andronikos Revel Reunion - In her Own Words (FanFiction)

This episode of FanFiction follows on from Lost and Found and was a prelude to the Andronikos Revel reunion in SWTOR. Now that the Pirate has been written back into the Sith Inquisitor’s life, here is the reunion from Talitha’koum’s perspective. As the Fury class Starfighter pulled out of Light-speed, the Twi’lek ran excitedly to […]

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Running the Gauntlet to the Dark Temple – Talitha’koum FanFiction

Running the Gauntlet - Talitha'koum - SWTOR FanFiction

The Twi’lek couldn’t decide if stepping slowly through the madness, or making a run for it was the best course of action. Choosing a delicate balance, she quickened her pace with her Lightsaber’s blade humming beside her at all times. Most of the twisted, contorted figures ignored her – content in their mindless digging and […]

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