LOTRO Yule Festival 2019 – Celebrate Yule-Tide in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Yule Festival 2020 Guide - Quests and Rewards from Winter-Home and Frostbluff! Mounts, Cosmetics, Pets and more!

It’s Yule-tide: Time to honour the past and look forward to the future in Middle-Earth! Let the LOTRO Yule Festival begin! Packed with quests from helping the poor (or not), eating competitions and more. It’s time for all races and players to converge on Winter-Home in Frost-Bluff for some Yule celebrations. As we gear up […]

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LOTRO Fall Festival 2019 Guide – Celebrate Harvestmath in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Fall Festival Guide 2019 - Harvestmath Rewards and Quest Guide

Autumn has come to Middle Earth! Along with another bumper Harvest comes the 2019 LOTRO Fall Festival! This event is jam-packed (hmm, jam) with activities, jokes to play and a scary, haunted burrow which has mysteriously appeared under Bag End. The LOTRO Fall, Halloween and Harvest Festival is back! If you’re in a rush and […]

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