LOTRO Anniversary Cosmetics Library

LOTRO Anniversary Event Cosmetics List and Library

Post Sections Hide Show More to Come! Hot on the heels of the other events in the LOTRO Events Calendar is the outfit cosmetics library for the Anniversary Event! From your to-be-expected cloaks and robes to the all-out-crazy outfits that dress you up as…a gift box. Whether you prefer elegant circlets or cake-like hats, I’m […]

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LOTRO Spring Festival Cosmetics

LOTRO Spring Festival Outfit Cosmetics - Screenshot Pictures to Help You

Post Sections Hide Show Head Cosmetics Upper Body Cosmetics Back Cosmetics & Cloaks Shoulder Cosmetics Hands/Gloves Cosmetics Lower Body Cosmetics Feet Cosmetics Held Items & Cosmetic Weapons Spring Festivity Token Cosmetics Spring Cosmetics Page is WIP From 2021, I am collating all the cosmetics from the Spring Festival for my LOTRO Event Cosmetics Database. This […]

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LOTRO Festival Cosmetics Tool

LOTRO Events and Festival Cosmetics Database and Tool

Hello and welcome to my new in-development LOTRO Event and Festival Cosmetics Library! Here you can find the cosmetic outfits available at various in-game festivals and events. As each one comes around in the LOTRO Events Calendar, the specific page for that festival is being updated. I’ve made different level of progress depending on the […]

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